MicroDyne Technologies LLC

MicroDyne Technologies LLC
The World Leader In Sourcing Solutions For Mass Hiring

High-Volume Sourcing For Mass Hiring

When staffing a single position, traditional recruiting methods often suffice.  But when a company has bulk hiring needs, it requires a mass sourcing solution that...

  • Penetrates the market both wide and deep

  • Attracts the active and passive candidates before the competition

  • Speeds up response rate to efficiently group interview

  • Reduces cost per hire

Hiring Big Doesn't Have To Mean Spending Big

Newspapers, radio, TV, job fairs, repetitive job board placements, retained search firms... etc...  All the traditional methods to find talent are being used by the competition.  The key is to stay ahead with innovative, non-traditional sourcing strategies targeting qualified, active and passive candidates with ultimate speed and efficiency.

MDT's sourcing solutions provide call centers, sales organizations, retailers, and many other companies a competitive edge in their marketplace.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (BPO)

MicroDyne Technologies is a specialist in the sourcing phase of the recruitment life cycle.  Our clients often ask if there are search firms or staffing agencies that specialize in the later stages of onboarding so they can outsource their entire recruitment process.  We surveyed hundreds of search firms across the country to find the absolute leader in staffing companies with mass hiring needs (call centers, sales organizations, entry level positions, etc.) and formed a strategic partnership so we can provide unmatched and complete BPO services to our clients.

Mass Hiring

Filling the top of your recruiting funnel is our specialty with the world's most state-of-the-art sourcing technology.