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We are a Search Firm Technology Company that Provides Superior Search and Placement Resources.

About Us

MDT is a world leader in providing the most comprehensive and efficient sourcing solutions for hiring.

Established in 1998, MicroDyne Technologies began as a computer hardware company building powerful desktop computers capable of operating under the most extreme conditions.  The change in century also marked the change in increasing consumer demand for technology-driven services.  In 2005, MDT released its first specialized service focusing on helping companies with a unique challenge: mass (or bulk) hiring.  Traditional methods were falling far short of our clients’ needs while costs continued to increase year-over-year.

There is no benefit to an employer when they find the ideal candidate if they do not have the means to retain the candidate.  MDT will find the talent—allowing employers to devote all of their attention and resources to building an environment that nurtures creativity, growth and profitability.

The Happy Accident

When we developed HV-Fast, our mass sourcing technology, the intention was to target the specific need of hiring large groups of people with the same responsibilities and qualifications.  Little did we know at the time how effective the technology works for single placement sourcing as well.  The concept is simple: by proactively contacting thousands of potential candidates, the applicant funnel gets flooded with such a high volume that we are provided the luxury of being more selective and cherry-pick the truly exceptional candidates to present to our clients — many of which would not have applied for the opportunity through traditional sourcing methods.

Because MDT is a technology company first, we approach sourcing with a far more elevated emphasis on efficiency and ROI, by connecting non-traditional technologies and methodologies from around the world to build the most cutting edge mass hiring resource.  Its success has led us to focus much of our resources on continued enhancement of our mass sourcing product:  HV-Fast.


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