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MicroDyne Technologies

The World Leader in Candidate Sourcing Solutions


Filling the top of your recruiting funnel is our specialty with the world’s most state-of-the-art sourcing technology.  We help you shorten your recruiting time while increasing quality of hires.

For employers and search firms with internal recruiting departments that need to bolster their sourcing capability, MicroDyne Technologies provides access to its state-of-the-art HV-Fast solution.  Fully customizable and at a fraction of the cost of traditional sourcing methods, we drive candidates directly into your Applicant Tracking System or wherever you need them to go.

  • Lightning fast results — average of 83% of applicants applying within 24 hours, 96% within 48 hours.
  • Unbeatable speed-to-hire
  • Over 300% average increase in qualified applications compared to traditional sourcing methods
  • Lower cost per hire
  • Higher quality candidates — more qualified applications affords you the luxury of being more selective
  • Increase your brand awareness / free advertising
  • Gives candidates confidence you have the means to attract the best talent


Full recruiting life cycle services are available through our team of experienced executive search and staffing professionals.  Confidential and contingency search services available.

Our 9-Step Process

Our clients’ greatest asset are their employees. MicroDyne Technologies knows that the key to long-term growth, it all starts with building the strongest team of talented leaders and professionals with a proven track record of delivering results.

The following slides outline our comprehensive 9-step process designed to ensure the close partnerships we forge with our clients are as strong as they are successful.

#1 Needs Assessment

We are in the people business. And to be successful in this industry, it all starts with listening. Finding the best talent for our clients requires going far beyond the requirements listed in the job description.

By establishing a consultative partnership with seamless accessibility and communication, we understand your short and long-term financial, strategic and hiring goals and can turn on a dime when change happens.

#2 Your Requirements

The perfectly written job description is critical to attracting the best talent. But it doesn’t stop there. Cultural fit, emotional intelligence attributes and aligning with long-term company objectives are areas we uncover to deliver highly effective leaders and professionals.

The best way to save our clients’ time is to invest more of it upfront by helping them to define exactly what they want—and what they don’t want—in that perfect candidate. By establishing a high-resolution image of what is in the mind of our hiring managers, we source and screen candidates exactly as they need.

#3 Investigation and Reach

Objectivity is paramount, both in our research and evaluation of candidates and in understanding the ethical standards, competition and marketplace landscape of our clients.

MicroDyne Technologies blends decades of industry knowledge with big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology search firms can only dream of. Using a proprietary and in-house network of servers so powerful they need to be cooled by water, we simultaneously and proactively communicate with tens of thousands of candidates and industry professionals every day.

#4 Sourcing

Imagine if you could grab the attention of your entire market of potential customers for 30 seconds and pitch to them your product or service—a dream shared by countless business owners and salespeople.

Our state-of-the-art sourcing technology was built with that dream in mind. After a thorough review of your requirements, we unleash the full power of our proprietary HV-FAST sourcing solution.

The benefits in both our ability to reach candidates other firms cannot as well as the luxury in being ultra-selective affords you the ability to interview and make your hiring decision over the highest quality candidates in the industry.

#5 Evaluation

All our searches are strictly confidential and conducted by seasoned executive recruiters with a minimum of 10 years of industry experience. Hiring decisions have a significant and long-term impact on our clients, our candidates, and their families. These decisions must be made with care.

MicroDyne Technologies’ team knows what questions to ask, when to ask them, and isn’t afraid to ask the difficult questions necessary to achieve both a qualification match and cultural fit that produces a considerable and lasting net positive for all.

#6 Candidate Presentation

Time is money, and our clients appreciate how much time we save them by delivering only quality candidates with prior proven and successful performance, but it doesn’t stop there. They also love how we present the candidates.

Every candidate presentation includes their current resume, a very detailed, objective summary of what we uncovered about the candidate during our screening process, and their completed custom questionnaire that we design uniquely for the job opening. The questionnaire helps provide information not found on a resume in a quickly readable format that our clients love to use to help rank candidates and use in the interview process.

#7 References

Whether it is locating the ideal candidate, or performing due diligence and thorough vetting, MicroDyne Technologies is in the business of finding information using unrivaled technological capability and internet savvy.

We are radical about achieving long-term growth and success for our clients and that requires rigorous screening and reference checking to be certain your new hires produce the results you need.

#8 Negotiation and Teamwork

Because we approach the entire recruiting process as if we are part of your human resources department, the negotiation process feels more like teamwork. We have your back even during the most challenging negotiations.

We are with you and candidate every step of the way delivering a white glove / red carpet level of service. Without pressure, our team provides a level of professionalism and consultative support to accomplish a win/win for all parties involved. We achieve this successfully through in-depth industry knowledge, communication accessibility and the ability to properly set and manage expectations.

#9 Follow Through

The partnership we forge extends far beyond the candidate’s start date. Mutual success comes from assisting you and the candidate with the transition and proactively maintaining proper follow-up. Our retention efforts reflect years of experience in the recruitment process and are also a testament to our commitment to the long-term growth of your company and the candidates you hire.

While rare, we recognize that it is possible that even after a thoroughly extensive interview process, a candidate can turn out not be a fit. Our clients experience the greatest peace-of-mind knowing that our comprehensive candidate replacement guarantee is unmatched in the industry.

Mass Hiring

From building entire sales teams to customer service reps, our HV-FAST technology generates on average over 900% more qualified applicant volume on mass hiring positions than traditional sourcing methods.

From building out entire sales teams or service industry professionals to staffing for short-term projects, our High-Volume Fully Automated Sourcing Technology (HV-FAST) delivers exceptional speed, quantity and quality at levels that surpass the totals from all other traditional sourcing methods combined.


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