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Ideal Industries for Our Reputation Management Solution

Our reputation management platform works exceptionally well for any B2C service-based business that captures customer contact information digitally and for every client/customer/patient they service.

The big three industries:

  • Medical (Dental, Eye Care / LASIK, Plastic Surgery, Chiropractic, Med Spas, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Fertility Clinics, etc.)
  • Automotive (Auto Repair, Auto Body, Dealerships, Large Auto Groups, Auto Glass, Tire Shops, Tinting and Detailing, etc.)
  • Field services (HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical, Pest Control, House Cleaning, Locksmiths, Home Security, Carpet Cleaning, etc.)

Additional industries:  Salons/Spas, Tattoo Shops / Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Insurance Agencies, Accounting and Law Firms, Hotels, Pet Hospitals/Groomers/Dog Daycare, Golf Courses, Gun Stores/Ranges, Cannabis Dispensaries

Business Size:  It’s unique affordability, user-friendliness, ease of implementation and enterprise capabilities make it suitable for the smallest small businesses all the way to large enterprise and franchise operations.

Merchant Services Customer Testimonials

Click on the video(s) that best fit your industry or business model to learn more.

Auto Repair

Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Auto Sales and Service Centers

Law Firm

Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Law Firms

Dance Studio

Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Dance Studios

Office Manager

Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Office Managers and Front Office Administrators


Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Chiropractors and Wellness Centers


Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Dentists, Orthodontists and other Specialty Medical Practices

Plastic Surgery

Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Plastic Surgery, LASIK and other Elective Medical Providers

Vet Clinic

Paperless Payment Solutions testimonial video for Veterinary Hospitals, Pet Clinics and Groomers

Solutions Built for the Service Industry

Paperless Payment Solutions video
Save Money

We guarantee to match, if not beat your existing credit card processing rates while providing the included software and added functionality completely free.

Save Time
  • No need to store receipts
  • No need to call your customers or patients for their credit card numbers
  • Easy to recharge or refund your customers, even without them being present
  • Instantly run batch reports at any time of the day
  • Real time reporting on credit card activity, even at multiple locations
  • Accept all types of payments instantly, including Apple Watch and Google Pay
  • Easily set up automatic recurring payments
  • Gather electronic signatures remotely
Increase Sales

Giving your customers more payment options increases their likelihood of doing business with you, and returning to do business with you in the future.  Quantity and quality of reviews impacts your web visibility and how high you rank on search engines.  Ask about how our technology increases both the number and quality of legitimate reviews from your customers.

Increase Security

Our solutions are HIPPA and Level 1 PCI compliant.  Collecting digital signatures gives you extra protection against disputes.  And all receipts are stored and backed up permanently in the cloud.  You can always print a physical receipt for your customers if requested, but you will never have to worry about the risks of filing receipts.

Improve the Customer Experience

Issue refunds, collect digital signatures and accept payments without requiring your customers to be present.  Recharge repeat customers without asking them to pull out their credit card.  And our reputation management solutions allow you to quickly and easily get the pulse of your customers and respond to issues faster than ever before.

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